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The world runs on energy. It doesn’t run on money.

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The world runs on

Already whole years Development and production of innovative products

EnesFilter – energy-saving device that performs the current filtering, voltage regulation in the electric power network and energy consumption optimization.

EnesFilter is the really effective technology for reducing the electrical power consumption and improving its quality in the electric power network.

Introduction in operation of an unique innovative energy-saving filter provides the following results:

  • Reduced monthly costs for electricity consumption up to 40%

  • Reducing the costs for the equipment depreciation and consumables up to 70%

  • Increased electrical equipment service life up to 4 times

  • Reducing the risk of accidents in the electric power network


Since our company is a resident of the development Fund of the center for elaboration and commercialization of new technologies "SKOLKOVO”

We received the support of the state for 10 years

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Having entered the market of energy service contracts we have faced a problem of calculations for electricity consumption, fixing and sharing metering of quality of the electric power and energy saving. No less important was a question of trust between all participants of process.

Using blockchain technology will allow us to solve these problems, and due to the lack of intermediaries between the producer and consumer of electricity, will reduce its cost.

what we can

New opportunities
for producers and
consumers of electricity

The platform provides transparent and reliable calculation without any intermediaries between the producer and consumer of electricity, to record and share data, measuring power quality and energy conservation, optimize and distribute energy among the participants.

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Globe electricity costs

Average prices for electricity for the population by world countries in 2017, kW

Region Cents
South Australia 47,13
Denmark 44,78
Germany 43,29
Italy 40,30
New South Wales 32,84
Belgium 32,84
Japan 33,1
Great Britain 28,36
EU average 16,25
Sweden 15,75
Greece 9,10
Russia, India, China 8,9
costs by half
We can change
50 % economy with
Enes platform
electricity supply

Model energy


Many intermediaries in the chain of supply of electricity increases the cost and reduces the transparency of the calculations.

Network and
network operator
Bank Payment service
Electricity Payment / fee
electricity supply

Model energy

in NS-based

Blockchain-based energy processes would no longer require energy companies, traders or banks.

Conventional generation Network and network operator Green
Electricity Data / Blockchain

Platform Features

Blockchain systems initiate and transmit transactions whilst recording them in a tamper-proof manner.

electricity supply

Benefits of using our platform

  • Greater transparency thanks to decentralised data storage

  • Lower transaction costs due to the cutting out of intermediaries

  • Transactions are generally made more simple

    documentation, contracts, payment
  • Falling prices as a result of greater market transparency

  • Flexible products (tariffs) and supplier switching

  • Simple option for customers to become a service/electricity provider

Token distribution

Token Distribution

Customers could use NS tokens to pay for the energy supplied.
Fee - 0,6% for payment transaction.

55,5% ICO sale
17.5% Team Tokens
5% Referral Program
10% Advisory,
Legal & Marketing
2% Bounty
10% M&A Reserve
& Options
42% Energoservis
& Implementation
33% Production
14% Research,
Engineering & Design
11% Development
& Expansion


  1. The Birth of the idea 2010 December
  2. R & d, patenting and pilot production and operation 2011-2015
  3. The company Enel was awarded victory in the category "Intelligent resource management system" in competition "Mosgortech" 2016
  4. We to SKOLKOVO, the state support. 2017
  5. Decision on creation of platform for transparent calculations may 2017
  6. Development of concepts and models of token NS August 2017
  7. Development of the ICO model, the beginning of the preparatory work October 2017
  8. Presentation Whitepaper February 2018
  9. Public token sale 4rd QTR 2018
  10. Selection of production areas 4rd QTR 2018
  11. Start of production EnesFilter 1rd QTR 2019
  12. Development of a prototype SmartEnes 1rd QTR 2019
  13. Development of dApp energy consumer 2rd QTR 2019
  14. Development of dApp energy producer 3rd QTR 2019
  15. Development of dApp controller network 3rd QTR 2019
  16. Testing platform NS 4rd QTR 2019
  17. Debug and run 4rd QTR 2019
  18. Further development and extension Next


  • Yan Koifmann CEO, Founder Read more
  • Andrey Tsvetkov Scientist, entrepreneur, innovator, со-founder Read more
  • Andrey Belov The chief developer, a programmer, an electronics engineer Read more
  • Gleb Shirokii Scientist, candidate of technical Sciences, author of many dissertations and scientific works Read more
  • Evgeniya Lukacheva CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Read more
  • Alexander Tabernakulov Co-author of white paper ENES Read more
  • Angelika Sheshunova Co-founder and CEO of the blockchain platform Read more
  • Andrey Nedobylsky Co-founder and CTO of the blockchain platform Read more
  • Denis Grigoriev IIOT system architect Read more
  • Damir Myasoutov Investor and partner relationships manager Read more
  • Dmitrii Borodin CIO, CDIO, blockchain expert Read more
  • Ilya Ilinskiy Co-author of white paper ENES Read more
  • Andrey Eremishin Design and layout of whitepaper. Technical support of our website Read more
  • Alexander Dyachenko Business development consultant Read more
  • Gala Novikova Legal adviser on investments Read more